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Michael Bryant

Professor of History and Legal Studies, Bryant University

Adjunct Professor of Law, Creighton University School of Law, and President for Education and Programming, The Sandra Bornstein Holocaust Education Center of Providence

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Hi, I'm Michael S. Bryant, Professor of History and Legal Studies in the Department of Politics, Law, and Society at Bryant University and Adjunct Professor of Law for Creighton University School of Law.   I have been teaching and conducting research in the legal and historical disciplines since the late 1990s.  Both my teaching and writing involve issues related to the Holocaust, genocide, and human rights.  My conviction, which has grown over more than two decades of intensive engagement with these fields, is that the study of inhumanity in history can equip us to confront its occurrence more effectively today.  Knowledge of the past translates into the power we need to change the world for the better.

Research Interests

  • History of Law

  • Ethics

  • World History

  • International Humanitarian Law

  • Critical Theory

  • Human Rights

  • German History

  • Law and Society

  • Modern European History

  • History of the Holocaust


Bryant, M. S., “The Auroras of the Final Solution: Intimations of Genocide in Mein Kampf", Bloomsbury Academic.

Bryant, M., Confronting the "Good Death," paperback edition, University Press of Colorado, 2022.

Bryant, M., Mein Kampf and the Holocaust: A Prelude to Genocide, , 2022.


Teaching Interests

  • History of the Holocaust

  • History of international humanitarian law

  • World history of war crimes

  • World history of law

  • Anthropology of law

  • Ethics

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